We can paint solid wood and MDF furniture panels.

We use polyurethane, acid-catalysed and acrylic paints. The colour can be selected from NCS or RAL colour charts (over 3,000 colours) or using samples provided by the client.

We can paint your new furniture, but we can also give new life to your old pieces and repaint them keeping the same colour or changing it to something new you like.

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Our painting services:

  • Painting for a matt, glossy or polished glossy finish;

  • Varnishing with premium polyurethane or acid-catalyst varnishes, hard tabletop varnishes or ultra-tough parquet varnishes and polyester materials;

  • Staining includes varnishing with prior staining to add colour;

  • Aging by giving your piece an aged look with patina finish;

  • Oiling with natural eco oils;

  • Glass painting with special glass paints.